You are looking for an amazing event? You have just found it!

Take a flight in an original MiG-21 Flight Simulator

Find out what it means to fly a russian jetfighter from the cold war era. Become part of a small circle of people who know. Accelerate to supersonic speed or fly in close proximity of the ground through valleys or canyons.


Learn how to handle a takeoff or landing situation, prepare for dogfights or just explore your surrounding area.


But do not forget to land just before you will find yourself flying out of fuel! And like the real aircraft you need to treat it well otherwise your engine may quit working!


Have Fun! Your FlyMiG21.com Team!




Flight Hours

You will be welcomed and briefed by one of our flight instructors. We use an original MiG-21 jetfighter for the initial briefing. Afterwards you will find your way into an enhanced version of an original MiG-21 flight simulator. Here you will find an original cockpit with original gauges, displays and controls. You may choose between several flight hour option also available as gift voucher.


We offer aeronautical events including simulator flight session, aeronautical lecture, historical lecture and a museum visit. We may manage your whole event or just the aeronautical frame. Do not hesitate to contact us for individual event programs and rates.


You are looking for a party location with active elements. Just find your way to Finowfurt north of Berlin. A museum, a former soviet air base, original hangars, old aircraft and a high fidelity simulator!

An amazing experience is waiting for you!

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